Kelly Small's independent best-selling and highly praised title, The Conscious Creative: Practical Ethics for Purposeful Work, is an actionable guide to mindful and anti-oppressive practice for creative professionals who want to make a living without selling their soul.
From House of Anansi Press:
It can be difficult to live according to your values in a complicated world. The Conscious Creative isn’t about smashing the state or quitting your job and moving to an ashram. Instead, it is about committing to the life you are already living. As designer Kelly Small had to do in their life and career as an advertising creative director, readers can admit their complicity in problematic systems and take on the responsibility of letting their own conscience guide their decisions. Even the most sullied creative souls can redeem themselves with one or many of the 100+ action steps that comprise this book.

With a humorous and irreverent tone, The Conscious Creative is the first book of its kind to attract a creative-sector audience to the currently trending topics of practical ethics and mindful living. Kelly Small engages already-primed readers in a cultural climate of wholesomeness, conscious practice, and responsible consumption and shows them how they can make a living without selling their souls.

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